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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Greetings, fair book nerds!

Just dropping by with a quick update on a few things.

1. The Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading was awesome yet again. I presented my tips about selling lots of copies of your indie book, and I met lots of great authors interested in both indie and traditional publishing. I left with an armload of books. Exhibit A;

2. Regarding those tips, I want to thank author Jean Heller for posting them to her blog, which you can read RIGHT HERE. Jean, a former colleague of mine, is the author of three books, two traditionally published and one indie. She is joining us in this brave new terrifying and fun world. Check out her library!

3. Thanks to Underground Book Reviews, which named Obitchuary one of the top reads of the year. It didn't ultimately win (congrats to John Biscello and Broken Land!) but being top seven out of 1,000 submissions was pretty radical.

4. I went to Paris! And Rome! Yep, I used the profits from my book and took another Groupon trip, this one with my friend Emily. Of course, now I need plumbing work and all sorts of other things, but I still think it was worth it for the memories. Here I am at the Vatican, derping.

And here I am in Paris stuffing le derpface.

5. I continue to work on the Obitchuary sequel. I have landed on a title that I love, which I will reveal with more fanfare at a later date.

6. God, so much more. But I'm going to go eat a cheeseburger right now, so let's leave it there.

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