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Some helpful ideas for dogs during the day

Monday, March 31, 2014

Activity suggestions for my dog while I am away:

Long nap
Stare out window at cars
Meditate/be thankful about winning lot in life
Crochet/knit/cross stitch/hem jeans
Bark, but only to attractive "one of the guys" extent, don't overdo
Search for cheese shreds on floor
Nap again, new position
Start blog (dog or human interests/cooking/fashion)
Check blog traffic/improve SEO
Try online dating, free and paid because open mind
Take out recycling
Check Kong toy one more time for dried peanut butter crumb
Make e-blueprints for bathroom remodel
Dust baseboards
Write great American novel
Develop more cogent opinions on French prime minister situation
Take selfie near window at best light of day, three quarters angle
Sell some small things on eBay, then buy one really great thing with profits
Start smoking because of midlife crisis, decide to quit same day
Pee on tile
Pee on hardwood
Pee on washable bathmats
Pee on back porch
Pee on front stoop
Pee on leg of wooden chair
Pee on anything with a hard surface, basically
Recall fond memories of peeing on old carpet
Scrapbook portions of old carpet for posterity
Put portions of old carpet in time capsule in yard
Nap, dream of peeing on carpet

Not activity suggestions for my dog while I am away:

Pee on brand new carpet just installed last week

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