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Obitchuary pre-orders now available!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Oh, hey, fancy new website. You're cute. Come here often?

Thanks to Maggie at type & title for the GLORIOUS web design. She's a true artist who drew and lettered everything by hand, staying authentic to my broken heel and spilled wine way of life while at the same time polishing everything up. I love it. Have a look around, take your shoes off, stay a while.

Some of you have asked me about how to pre-order Obitchuary, which officially comes out Tuesday, Oct. 1. Good news! You can pre-order a digital download copy NOW through Kobo! It will be ready to go everywhere else on Tuesday, in paperback and download.

A NOTE: I should have made this more clear, but IF you want a paperback version, you will have to order it online through Amazon for right now. You will be able to order the e-book for Nook through, Barnes and Noble's online store, but for the moment, you can't pluck it off a shelf while enjoying a mocha latte. By all means, though, buy it online and then go take it to the cafe, because this book LOVES mocha lattes!

Thank you everyone, so much, for all your support and happy words. This process is a lot of hard work, but so much fun, and I really hope you like what you read. I think I have officially read this thing 67 times now, and I don't know my nose from my fist at this point. So I'm excited to get some fresh takes.

I'm off to a river house somewhere in Florida for a weekend "writing retreat," which translates to "margaritas." Wifi will be questionable at best, but I'll be back Sunday night to drop more Obitchuary wisdom on your faces. Until then.


  1. SUPER Congrats! So proud of you! From one Stephanie to another