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Interview: Talking writing, Mexican lasagna and poo on Write at Five

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello, out there in radio land. Internet radio land? Podcast land?

Well, whatever. A while ago, I did an interview on an Internet radio station, Rhino On Air.

 The lovely Write at Five hosts R. MonaLeza and Daphne invited me on to talk about writing and journalism and novels, but I will admit, we spent a lot of time talking about my bush league Mexican lasagna, and how my refrigerator makes it look like a 4-year-old child runs the household. You recall.

Then we got back to talking about stories, made some bathroom jokes and had a ton of fun. The podcast is online now, so take a listen!


Be sure to check out Mona's blog, where she posts quick little flashes of inspiration from writers and artists from all walks. She did one with me. They're great to shake you out of a creative funk if you're just like, "UGH, WHY AM I SO HORRIBLE, I NEED TO BE LESS HORRIBLE." So if you're like me, most days.

Enjoy. I need to buy groceries.

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