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OBITCHUARY, Chapter 10

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May was a total fail.

I mean, there were no huge tragedies or dramas or home explosions, but there were just a series of first world concerns that kept evaporating or not working out or farting to disappointing conclusion. I. Am. Over. May.

June, though! June is very different. June is my birthday month (big 29 -- gotta start working on my pre-30 bucket list). I'm looking toward June with renewed vigor and verve, with an unfailing positive outlook on life, with a fresh commitment to my artistic endeavors. Watch out June, you're mine!

With that, I give you June's first installment of Obitchuary, Chapter 10.  It's a pretty short chapter, and in it, Penny stays up late like a madwoman Googling the guy she likes. NOT THAT ANY OF US HAVE EVER DONE THAT BEFORE, RIGHT LADIES? Watch to learn what she finds out about him. It ain't pretty, I'll just say that.

You might notice a tuft of brown fur wiggling occasionally in the background. That is Stuart, who apparently wanted to help me grab June by the horns. Thank you, Stu, for your assistance. Most kind.

Catch up on your chapters here and don't forget to subscribe on YouTube! And, ooh, hey, check out this screen grab. I call it, "Gag me with a spoon, cha."

Obitchuary, Chapter 10

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