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Look at other people reading without feeling creepy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

So far on this Sunday, I have washed one load of laundry because I had NO PANTS LEFT other than Pajama Jeans, which I came very close to wearing to work on Friday. I also made a grilled cheese sandwich, Googled "Florida Keys vacation" and gave some very serious thought to taking a shower. I'M ON A ROLL, Y'ALL.

It's a good day to get sucked down a blog rabbit hole, is what I'm saying, and I have just the one for you.

My agent, Rachel, posted this on the DGLM blog not too long ago. It's called Underground New York Public Library, and it's basically a blog full of pictures of people reading on the subway. If it sounds boring, it's not. It's the ultimate voyeuristic thing. Like, come on. You know you look at people in Target to see what's in their baskets, and you totally judge them and invent hilarious stories if they have, like, six sticks of butter, a pair of tube socks and a motorcycle magazine. This is the same thing, only fancier!

After looking at these pictures I feel inferior as usual, like I should probably be reading much more Murakami or something. I'd totally be that person they caught reading, "50 WAYS TO TURN YOUR OLD PANTYHOSE INTO LAMPSHADES."

Serial killers love this kind of decorating.

Which is why I read on a Kindle.

Happy Sunday, lazies!


  1. Very often when I see someone reading "in public" I simply announce to them that I'm a librarian and therefore I *must* see what they are reading. See, it's not stalking when it's done as a matter of professional information seeking. In a similar manner, you could totally play either the "I'm a journalist" OR "I'm an author myself" card and I'm saying either one of those gives you the right to assess the reading choices of strangers.

  2. I ENJOY this method! I wonder if I can transfer it to other things. "I'm a journalist, I need to see in your purse. Thank you."