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OBITCHUARY, Chapter 9 (part 1)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chapter 9 (part 1) is a delectable mini-morsel of storytelling in which you will meet PENNY'S BRIDESMAID DRESS OF TERROR, as illustrated by my right index finger and Microsoft paint, natch. Behold the pink!

To refresh, in the last chapter, Penny realized she kind of liked Mark, the creepy guy at work. Now she's in an existential crisis about it. Unfortunately, she has to go through it under the florescent lights of HAL'S BRIDAL EMPORIUM with her cray-cray cousin, Ashley, and her cig-sucking sister, Nicole.

Interestingly, Penny's existential crisis coincides with my own, which you can read a little bit about here, if you're interested. It was hard, but I pulled myself out of the Ben and Jerry's to bring you a new video. Thank me one day. Um. Today is wide open for me.

As always, you can watch the previous chapters here!

I call this screen grab, "Is that mold in the tile grout, or is it just dirty?" Thanks again, YouTube!

Obitchuary, Chapter 9 (part 1)

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