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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chapter 7 time! It's about to get a little salty as we meet Penny's editor, Noah. He is a gentle soul, who loves puppies and kitties and bunnies and speaks ill of no one. Just kidding, he's pretty foul. You've been warned.

Speaking of... well, nothing, a student (hi Elise!) from my old college came to interview me for the alumni magazine, and she's focusing a lot on my fiction endeavors. I think the dean will be proud to know that my years of study and tuition dollars culminated into this moment, in which I stretch out on my bathroom floor, talk crazy into an iPhone and channel Penny Perkins and her unshaven legs. I'll link to that later, of course.

Watch and enjoy, friends! And get caught up right hurr.

UPDATE: In a hazy slumber, I accidentally uploaded the rough copy, which was long and full of stammering and zero illustrations. The right one is up now. I apologize if you watched and were all, "Man, she's jumped the shark, just like Fonzie." I swear I have at least a couple more chapters until that happens.  - Signed, the "editors"

Obitchuary, Chapter 7

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