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Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm back! Korea was amazing, as was California. We joined two wine clubs, toured the DMZ on the same day as Kim Jong-un, technically stood in North Korea, got some awesome street jewelry, ate a mound of crab, rode a street car. That's the Extreme Reader's Digest version of a lot of things (the Scanner's Digest?). I might post some pictures soon, though I fear my friends will disown me if I keep talking about my trip. I have to decide which ones really mean something to me, and which ones I'm OK with losing. Friends, I mean. I'll get back to you.

Anyway, let's keep going with our experimental storytelling, shall we? Here is OBITCHUARY, chapter 6! It's been a couple weeks, so let me catch you up to speed:

Penny got burned out at work, got period on her white pants, applied for a job writing obits and got the job. She got woken up in the middle of the night by her sex-crazed neighbors, then got annoyed by her power pop-crazed co-worker, Mark, who has a Wayne's World bobblehead and cereal fetish. Then she embarrassed herself in the newsroom and wrote her first obit about a little old dead lady named Mary Lou Henrickson. Will anyone like it? Will she be sent packing back to Periodville, population: Penny?

Watch all the videos here, and follow on Facebook here.

I'm off to go tell someone else about how I almost died at the hands of a vengeful North Korean dictator (my vacation story gets more elaborate and exaggerated each time I tell it, just like a 1950s slideshow).

Obitchuary, Chapter 6

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