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OBITCHUARY, Chapter 5 (part 2)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Annnnnnd, chapter 5, part 2! Same outfit, new illustrations, including man boobs, a chicken and Penny's disembodied head hovering over a sea of victims.

Behind? No worries. THE INTERNET IS FOREVER. That includes those beer bong pictures from Senor Frogs, and your tortured Livejournal from when you were 15. And, this book. Take a solo lunch in a cozy Panera cubby booth to catch up all the chapters, collected right here. Facebook here (also forever).

Chapter 5 (part 2)


  1. Ha ha! Hilarious (although I got a bit verklempt at the end). Your drawings rock! Bawk!

  2. Merci, Sam! I lure you in with laffs just to gut-punch you in the end. Evil.