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Going to South Korea, brb

Saturday, February 25, 2012

As I type this, it feels unreal, because I have dishes to do and socks to buy and general life to finish up. But come Sunday morning, the guy and I are going on the trip of a lifetime (or at least this year-time). First stop, California wine country. I rented a Sonoma Valley vacation home for us on Living Social. The pictures look amazing, but I know the witchcraft and sorcery people use to up-sell on the Internet. Please pray that we're not staying in a really affordable boxcar with cockroach leg-encrusted wallpaper.

After that? SOUTH KOREA OMG SOUTH KOREA. I'm not even kidding. We have beloved family/friends living there, and they'll only be there for a couple more months, so we decided it was a perfect time to visit a place we'd probably never go again. We're even going to the North Korea border, which apparently is a big tourist place, but apparently also has scary sartorial rules like, "NO HIGH HEELS," and "NO OFFENSIVE SHADES OF MAUVE." Um, noted.

My friend, Alex, who is a journalist like me, commented that I could write a great story if I get shot but not killed. In that moment, I was both proud of the friends I have chosen, and alarmed at how my life has unrolled. Some people just work in nice desk jobs and go to Panera and don't find it a thrilling prospect to get maimed at an inflammatory international border. Imagine.

This is the long way of me saying, I'll be gone for a couple weeks. Use this opportunity to catch up on the first five chapters of OBITCHUARY, now in Smell-O-Vision! I'll be all over chapter six when I return, as long as I'm not paralyzed from nerve damage due to my glamorous wounds. (JUST KIDDING, MOM, WE'RE TOTES SAFE.)

Married to the Sea

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