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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chapter 3 is here! I had some family stuff happen, so I'm running a little behind. We're pretty much a one-man operation here at, well... me. "Wait," you say. "These Cecil B. DeMille works of art aren't made with the aid of 25 eager interns?" Well, no. Not unless you count my dog, who yesterday got startled out of a slumber and accidentally peed a little.

You'll notice I'm wearing glasses in this one. This was a mistake. But when I took off my glasses, I couldn't see the words, and I'd already taken out my contact lenses, and I wear dailies, and they're like a dollar a pair. So... even though there's not a print copy (yet), if you try hard, you can read it in the glare of my frames. It's like a classy new Kindle!

In this chapter, Penny tells her exotic, tattooed, bird-flipping sister, Nicole, about her job writing about dead people. See how Nicole reacts.


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