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IT'S (camping) COOKIE TIME!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We here at Chez Hayes are hard at work planning an epic camping trip for November. We are not the most rugged outdoors people that ever lived. I sleep with the air conditioning turned down to 69 degrees. I prefer my "sun exposure" to come from dihydroxyacetone. The other night, we had the doors open for an hour until a bug flew inside. The last time I went camping, I was about 8, and I crashed my vintage purple Schwinn (stylish!) into a parking block after going to the campground store to buy chocolate (not so stylish). So what I'm saying is, we'll probably be eaten by giant Man Bear Pigs, our bones burned for forest kindling. But we're all about trying new things this year, and so we're going, even if it means pooping in a hole mere moments before death!

No matter what happens, I'm taking my style cues from the greatest film in the history of films, Troop Beverly Hills. Some might say Citizen Kane is best, but they obviously haven't seen Shelley Long tell  perm horror stories in a lavender peignoir.

So, I'ma ask you one time.



  1. TROOP BEVERLY HILLS! Whenever my Brownie troop had sleepovers, we'd watch this movie. And Space Camp.

  2. I've seen this movie... I can't even say how many times. It's probably illegal.