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What happens after the agent?

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's as if the universe knows I have an agent shopping a book. The universe revolves around me, and only me. Doesn't it revolve around you? Speaking of that, I'D REALLY LIKE A CAPPUCCINO, UNIVERSE.

Anyway, I was recently lamenting the lack of blogs offering advice once you get past the agent stage. And believe me, I get why that there imbalance exists. Finding a great agent is about as much fun as searing off each one of your eyelashes with boric acid. Those of us who get past that obstacle are very lucky, and I'm indeed very, very lucky.  But we're still crazy and obsessive and doomsday-ish, y'all. That doesn't ever go away.

Last week, these two blogs came out of the ether. Ok, one is from a couple years ago, but Nathan Bransford kindly reposted it for me (see above, world, revolving, me). The other from Pimp My Novel is a sobering account of how many books actually make it to the stage where someone who is not your mom glues the pages together. At any rate, the second blog both terrified me and made me feel great. It's sort of a theme with this process.

1. How Long It Takes to Sell a Novel

2. Rotten Rejections

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  1. I will keep all crossables crossed for you, which makes typing interesting, to say the least. : )