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A better writer's block song

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So, today was better than yesterday, and as I muddled through my breathing, drooling story beast, one of my colleagues was on the phone interviewing Natasha Bedingfield (I know, our jobs are cool, right?). Since we all sit within negative three feet of each other, I heard him ask her about writer's block. A lot of her songs touch on it. I never really thought about it before my vigorous eavesdropping today, but it's true. That one from the Hills where she's staring at the blank page before her? Bet she didn't think that would become the theme song for kids in California staring blankly at caprese salads and fizzy water.

Anyway, I don't know what her answer was yet re: writer's block, because my hearing is not that acute, and also I am not that creepy. Close, but not quite.

Still, it reminded me of this song, which is a better writer's block ditty than the thinly veiled drug tribute posted yesterday. So, take it away, lady who was on the other end of the phone a few cubes down!

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