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Borders assualt, part two: Electronics!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Borders AGAIN.

I didn't buy any books this time. Just two CDs and a DVD. Grizzly Man! I already know how it ends, thanks to everyone in the world talking about it all the time, but I'm still seriously excited. Man. Bears. Cray-cray. I'm easy to please. Just look at this bear, would you? He's all, "Bitch, you didn't."

I also picked up a Fratellis CD for the main squeeze.

And a Brandi Carlile CD for myself. I typically like things that are a tad more upbeat, like pulsating booty rap for instance, but I was thinking some more mellow music would be nice for nights when my friends come over to discuss our thoughts, feelings and menstrual cycles. Plus, it was 80 cents.

Grand total? $5.20.

Oh, Borders.


  1. DUDE. When are they closing? None of the Borders nearby are closing. I need to get in on this thrift.

  2. They allegedly have eight days left as of today. But the "ten days" left sign was up eight days ago. So. It's confusing. But I think they should still be open when you get here if you hurry!