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Why I suck (and other updates)

Monday, March 7, 2011

I've been a terribad blogger. There are several reasons.

One, my job keeps me hella busy (and yes, I just said, "hella," and no, I won't apologize, and no, 1998 didn't call and doesn't want its word back). Two, my job also includes a blog, so sometimes I'm just all blogged out, you dig?

Third, we adopted a dog. His name is Stuart, and he's four, 28 pounds, short, a little "special." He has sad eyes perfect for a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial. He's a bizarre mix of a corgi and a chow and perhaps a bit of lhasa apso. The veterinarian said he is the result of a strange romance, a night of illicit dog passion heretofore unmatched. Anyway, his owners couldn't care for him anymore so we scooped him up.

Here I am with Stu at the park. Thanks to Peter Hamilton for the photo. Stu hates being photographed and usually runs away when I take out the camera (who does he think he is, Angelina Jolie?), so my friend Pete captured him using a long lens. You'd think this was a CIA operation, getting a damn decent picture of the dog.

Here is one of my attempts, Stu trying to seduce you. Is it working?

He has been a wonderful addition to the townhouse, but he does take some time away from things, like, you know, blogging. Now I have to do things like clean up poop and walk him and try to catch his pee in a cup for the vet and dodge dog vomit and feed him heartworm meds in a ball of peanut butter while his drool drips on the floor. I don't know how people with actual children do it. So many bodily fluids!

Fourth, I've been working on a non-fiction project for a while that may or may not come to fruition, and my fiction juices were put on hold. Blogging kind of reminded me that the juices (it's fluid day, y'all!) were on hold, which sucks, so maybe I was avoiding it. It's complicated and one day I'll go there, but for now I'm happy to say that I recently busted out the novel again and started editing it with a comb and a set of fresh eyes. I'm a believer that things usually work out how they're supposed to, and in the end, I'm really happy that I had some time away from it. I had read it so many times that I wasn't seeing how it could be better anymore. But now that I've been away, it's so clear, like, "DUH, STUPID, JUST MAKE THAT BETTER." Distance and patience are marvelous things I'm learning about.

So, I'll be making an effort to blog more, whether it's writing breakthroughs or links or just random updates on the consistency of Stuart's poop. It's the least I can do.

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  1. I adore that you used the words "terribad" AND "hella" in the first two sentences...clearly I am easily amused, but that is another issue entirely.

  2. I have no scruples when it comes to made-up words.