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My fabulous idea notebook of mystery

Friday, March 18, 2011

A writer named Theodora Goss blogged about the peril of finding time to write. She ditches cooking, dry cleaning, sports (SOUNDS GOOD) and some other stuff.

It made me think about the same question. I squeeze extracurricular writing and editing into lunches and little 30-minute windows. And I stay up late. Bleary eyes on the laptop, 48 Hours Investigates reruns on the TV, dog snoring with his head spilling onto the hardwood. I guess the bigger point, though, is that even when I'm not putting werdz down, the ideas and characters and stories are always in my brain. Journalism and fiction both. Voices! They're voices! It's like I'm crazy!

The other day, I wrote down ideas at a stop light. Texting and driving? Pfft. That's for NOOBS, y'all. Pen and paper, son. I represent the 18th century like whoa.

To rep the quill pen set, I carry little notebooks to write down the fleeting thoughts. You see, I have bleached my hair so repeatedly that my brain has suffered indelibly and I forget things as soon as I think of them. I think it's called Blondmentia. Here is my newest idea book:

I don't know which of these ladies I'd rather be. I'm leaning toward the one on the right for obvious reasons involving leopard print, but the one on the left looks very busy and important. Like she has to take time out of her busy ribbon cutting and floral arranging schedule to humor the sweaty paparazzi in her grill. Also, HELLO, her hat has a KNITTING NEEDLE through it. So. You know what? She wins. I just decided.

Anyway, I write things in here like, "Dude is really bad at drug smugglinggggg....." and then the pen trails off as I drive off down the road. Hot mess, but when I get stuck I can go back and be like, "Oh, bad at drug smuggling. Right. That's what I wanted to do." And then I can flip the page and spend the next eight minutes wondering what I might have possibly meant by "Lemons. Size large."

I guess you could do the same thing with a tape recorder, but my voice sounds like Lucy Ricardo on those and makes me self-conscious. Fabulous notebook wins.

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