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Vacation over, whip crack-a-lacking.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've been on vacation for two weeks, and boy are my arms tired. Wait, that's now how that goes...

I went to Michigan to visit Jim's family and Ohio to visit mine. It was pretty much non-stop family time, which is wonderful in its own way, but also busy-making. I basically visited people and ate carbohydrates nonstop -- my grandma's chicken paprikash, red velvet cheesecake, sweet potato fries the size of my leg. I topped it all off with a peanut butter and banana cream cheese sandwich from Melt, a legendary grilled cheese place near Cleveland that once made me ill for four days in a row. I mean, SERIOUSLY. You try eating that much cheese and see what happens. This time I felt better, as evidenced below.

Anyway, great trip. Love my family. But unlike the two weeks I took off last year to work on my novel, this wasn't the kind of vacation full of leisurely laptop days and ruminating on literary shiz. Apart from answering a few e-mails, I got NONE work done on any projects. And when I got home, I slept. And then I watched Weeds. And, fine, MAYBE one episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. And then I... organized my shoes.

So, again... NONE work done.

Tomorrow I go back to work, back to long days of cramming projects into slivers of time, writing at lunch, writing FOR work, writing after work. And while my continued closet organization will have to wait, I think I'm looking forward to once again turning my brain on. Wait, that sounded wrong.  Oh hell, I'm going to bed.

Kim Kardashian got her beach body how?

Friday, June 4, 2010

While I'm not voracious like some of my friends, I do love reading books. I usually have at least one book going at any given time, especially since I started attempting to write them. I've learned how vital reading is to making me better. To be eloquent, it's really important to see the way other people do crap. Right now, I'm just pages away from finishing Carl Hiaasen's Skinny Dip. Pages, I tell you! And I'm really into it. Good news all around, right?

So why then did I stop everything and throw this into my grocery basket yesterday?

Being intelligent is great, but the old noggin needs a break sometimes. Between writing all day at work and writing all night at home, I... I just needed to stop for a minute and see how LC gets her abs. 

Besides, it's still reading. LeVar Burton was never tooooo specific. Take a look... it's in a tabloid glossy...