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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here's a total must read from Sarah Pekkanen about marketing. I know, I know. Marketing. How cold and blah, right? We are ARTEESTS, after all, and needed be bothered with such corporate schlock.


I've heard from a few different published folks about how hard it is to promote your stuff once it actually gets released. You may have the most genius book in history, but if no one knows about it, it doesn't do much good other than to hold down the book shelf (clue -- it holds itself down because it's WOOD). It's super scary that once you get past the high hurdles of being published in the first place, it's still hard as stale cookies to get noticed.

Fortunately, the Internet works in mysterious, connective tissue ways and totally aids in this process. And Sarah, whose book I read when it came out, lays it all out. She was a first time author doing all she could to promote The Opposite of Me. That's when she came upon some serendipity in the form of Jennifer Weiner, who agreed to give out autographed copies of her own hit books for people who pre-ordered Sarah's. Just read the essay, she tells it better than this girl (currently on the couch in a pasta coma picking mascara off my eyes).

She speaks the truth, by the way. I only found out about Sarah's book through Jen Weiner's blog. Color me a statistic. But it's a good lesson. A really good lesson. And it's nice to see a little network of authors helping each other out.

Kumbaya, betches. Let's hug.

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