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Give me the cupcakes and nobody gets hurt

Friday, October 29, 2010

How to make your agent love you, from Michael Erard:


Related: This cupcake dress (well, it's technically a blouse, but who has time for pants these days?) from Etsy is what I really wanted to wear for Halloween this year. Unforch, I couldn't convince my boyfriend to go as a wax candle. Men. Can't live with 'em..., devaniweaver

"It looks like a small nose," and other navel gazing

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just read a good blog from Miriam Goderich at Dystel and Goderich Literary about the influx of queries she sees for less than stellar memoirs:

Simply being the victim of physical or psychological abuse, real or perceived, doesn’t do it. Well crafted prose that lovingly explores the contents of one’s navel doesn’t either. Exotic experiences involving travel or bizarre encounters don’t guarantee a good read.

I relate to this as a journalist. So many people have crazy, complicated lives, but it's our job to find what amounts to an actual meaningful story and not just rambling, unfocused navel gazing. It can be tough.

Are you writing a memoir? Check it.


Speaking of navels... HAVE YOU SEEN THE ONE ON JOHN STAMOS? "It looks like a small nose," he once told Conan O'Brien. Beloved Uncle Jesse has a deformed stomach! It almost makes him more charming. Maybe. Actually, I'm not sure. Oh, just watch for yourself.