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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writing break for meandering thoughts...

Is it weird that I associate certain sentences with certain places? Like, I wrote a line about Christmas sweaters and holiday cards at Lonnis in St. Petersburg, so I will always think of Lonnis when I read that sentence. Is that a... what? Photographic memory? Sentencegraphic memory? Sandwichgraphic memory?  Is the power of Lonni's Sunny Bird wrap (turkey, French dressing, cream cheese, sunflower seeds, slice of AMAZING) just so powerful that it reacts with the words to sear them in my brain for all eternity?

Whatever.  I need to go to sleep.

OH, but not before I tell you something! I was in Borders cafe (a.k.a., my office) writing last night, and I glanced up from my computer and.... and... There was a dude just STRAIGHT UP LOOKING AT PORN. I'd write exactly what he was looking at, but that would make my fingers feel dirty. Let's just say the headline involved a word you should never call a lady. I've heard of people looking at porn in libraries before, but this was new to me. I mean, there was a table of old ladies right behind him making beaded jewelry, for the love of Moses! The funny thing is, when he walked in I immediately thought, "This looks like a guy who would look at porn in the coffee shop." He had those sandals that aren't really sandals because the toes are partially closed. Public porn shoes, right? Am I right? Then I chided myself for making a snap judgment about someone I didn't know. Then... porn.

Moral of the story? Snap judgments might sort of work.

I'll leave you with this song about porn. Night night!

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