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Spa weekend + Hoarders? Yesplz.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lately I'm realizing that distance is a good thing. (Long distance running? No. Long distance relationship? No. Long distance shot put? Maybe, if my delts are in good shape.)

But really, I think it's periodically good to take a mini-break from writing and do some non-writing things. Go to the beach! Buy a dress you don't need! Watch Intervention for six hours straight while eating nothing but honey chicken and fortune cookies from China Garden!

When you're soooo very absorbed in something for so long, all the sentences start to blur together and look like German. Sentenceschlagen. You either A) mistakenly think you've created brilliance yet unmatched by modern man, or B) bust a blood vessel and pass out on your keyboard until someone finds you and takes you to the hospital. Or C) both.

I was at stage C, so I took a little break. As a result, I'm seeing things I didn't see before. That sentence that took three hours to rewrite and still didn't make sense? A week later, the fix is simple. You just delete and write it again using your old friend subject-verb agreement! The clarity that comes with, you know, sleeping, is astonishingly sexy.

This happens to me occasionally with newspaper stories. I'll go back and read them, and I'm all, "WHY did I WRITE THAT? ZOMINGF()CY)*TC CH)*Q^CT(G!!! I BLOW!" You know? Only in that case, I can't fix it. What's done is done. With the life-suck process of writing a book, there is ample time to repair your stupid. I'm now a proponent of taking advantage of it.

On a related note: I am currently caught up on the Office, Community, 30 Rock, Intervention, Hoarders and all my gossip websites. I have a pedicure (see?), a pair of new black wedges and a teal mini-dress (see?). And my sentences are better for it.

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