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On writing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today I stared at a blinking cursor.

Tonight I will have ice cream for dinner.


  1. This is also my quest. Stare at the blinking cursor. WHAT SAY YOU CURSOR! WHAT SAY YOU!

    ... I actually went to bed at EIGHT last night. So I could get up at FOUR. So I will have morning writing time, as I'm finding it impossible to write in the evenings due to dead-tired-brain.. this is a new strategy.. hopefully it pans out.. and doesn't result in me passing out mid-afternoon..

  2. Let me know how that goes. I can't do anything in the morning except hit the snooze button. I keep waiting to grow out of that.

  3. I figure four is so absurdly early that it makes it feel like a "fun" activity rather than something I have to do.. or rather, something I am forcing myself to do for the sake of writing