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Something Borrowed. A bathing suit, maybe?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saw a pic today of Ginnifer Goodwin arriving on set at Something Borrowed, the film version of Emily Giffin's book. I love Something Borrowed, and I have the sequel ready and waiting if I can ever FINISH the OTHER 18 BOOKS I STARTED. (Actually, it's only two, but 18 sounds sexier). Anyway, can't wait to see the movie and live vicariously through Emily Giffin. Here are paparazzi pics of Ginnifer on set. Granted, they're not supa saucy, mostly Earth shoes and various shades of gray. But then again, my standards for celebrity photos are incredibly low.

This reminds me. Last season on Big Love, on that kind of janky episode where the family went off campus and took an awkward road trip and Bill made everyone pray (as usual), Margene (Ginnifer) rocked a red and white two-piece bathing suit that had scalloped trim and corseting up the back. When I saw said bathing suit, I fell instantly and everlastingly in love. I required the suit to keep living, you feel me? But as the sand through the hour glass, as the cookie dough through the spoon, it was gone in a flash. I searched around on some message boards for clues, and the consensus was that Betsey Johnson made the suit. Which would make sense, because not only is BJ my favorite designer, I, as a rule, can't afford her. You can see my suit of dreams here. It's a smoochy polygamy hotel scene, so be sure to call the kids around the monitor first (sarcasm).

This is a long way of saying that, Ginnifer, if you're out there and have a Google alert set up for your name or whatever, can you plz send me your bathing suit with no questions asked? It's summer and all. Kthx. And, uh, best of luck on the new movie.

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