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A love letter to my netbook

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After I finished the book and edited the crap out of it and sent it out to the first round of agents, I took a little breather. I deserve that, right? It felt really weird to spend my lunch just... eating. My salad felt so alone, so cold. I avoided my favorite Subway, because without something to work on, I would just be... sitting in Subway. Which is kind of creepy, isn't it? I can't very well just sit there nibbling Sun Chips and leering at people eating five dolla foot longs. Don't they arrest people for that sort of thing?

It's been a week and a half of fiction detox. Today, I decided to take another jab at editing, maybe even start a scene in the new book that's swirling my head. (Neuroses? Maybe). I went to Evos (free shake day!) and got bizzy with my best friend, the thing that makes working on this crazeballs hustle so much easier.

My netbook!

That's me with the netbook on the day it arrived in the mail. LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE MAKES ME! We are so in love.

For the first month or so of writing, I lugged a full-size laptop everywhere. It was heavy and clunky. It gave me scoliosis. It died after an hour unplugged, forcing me to tackle bitches en route to the last open electrical outlet in Starbucks. It was making me a bad person.

I decided to pony up $300 for this (PINK) Asus Eee netbook with an 8.5 hour battery. I got a supercrazeballs deal online at, but you can get them for a little more money at Best Buy and the like. There's a bunch of other brands out there, too, that I'm sure are great.

It totally changed my writing game. It is so light, so long lasting (does this sound like a lip gloss/tampon/deck sealant commercial?). I can take it anywhere, and it feels like carrying a book rather than the entire contents of the Microsoft warehouse. Waiting in the doctor's office? Type a few words! Layover in the airport? Type a few words! Bored with your family at dinner? Type a few words!

Caution points: My boyfriend, who is six-foot-two and has man hands, can't type on the tiny beast. Also, it's not the greatest for browsing the web, but if you're trying to write a novel in little windows of time, you don't need to be all up on Lohan gossip sites anyway.

I really believe this itty bitty machine enabled me to write a book in six months. It's been my greatest investment, other than Diet Coke, of course.

Incidentally, my netbook DIED at Evos today, because I neglected to charge it during my detox. I promptly left Evos, because I didn't want to stare at people eating air fries. I'm happy to report she's fully charged again, so I hope I won't stare at anyone eating for the rest of the week.

UPDATE: Someone asked me what I use to store my writing. Good question! I use a thumb drive, and also back it up on the netbook hard drive and the hard drive of my computer at home. And sometimes, when I get a good amount written, I e-mail it to myself. You can never be too safe when backing up your word magic. Plus, thumb drives tend to break and disappear. I killed my first one when I DROPPED the computer on the ground and bent the poor thumb drive, which was minding it's own biz sticking out of the side. And I can't tell you how many nights I've spent searching couch cushions for the little thing. Back it up, people. Back it up!


  1. You are waay to funny, which is why one day you'll be famous and living somewhere other than this pathetic sandbar called Florida. Will you still answer my e-mails then, even if it's just to beg you to hand my my manuscripts to your agent to use as TP?

  2. I'm too mired in self-loathing to believe you, but thanks all the same!

  3. Okay, you convinced me. I just ordered mine. If this is a pyramid scheme, I'm never talking to you again.